At BC Brew Co., beer is more than a refreshing beverage to enjoy after a long day – it is our way of life. Our beers are made from BC grown ingredients, and we are committed to bringing you the best that British Columbia has to offer in every sip.

We’re taking the concept of farm-to-table to the next level. From hops grown in Kamloops right down to BC sourced barley, and the honey produced by local bees, our beers are taking a stand for the long, proud tradition of making things ourselves.

Our entire operation has been designed with you in mind. The unique flavours of our beers are made easy to transport by packaging our products in 650ml Bombers and soon 355ml cans. This lets you bring our beers to wherever your life takes you.

Our Sun Peaks Cream Ale is a tangy delight for the senses that will transport its drinkers back to the Pacific Northwest from anywhere in the world. Our Honey Brown Ale is a full-bodied brew that brings the splendour of local honey to the fore with its sweet notes. Our Pilsner is smooth, crisp, refreshing with light bodied but still full-flavoured taste perfect for every Canadian season. Learn more about our beers on our Products page

Our Products


BC Brew Co. was founded in 2016 by people who are passionate about beer. We take sustainability and the principles of farm-to-table to heart. We are a 100% Canadian company, locally owned and operated, and dedicated to providing unique, superior, sustainable beers that feature only BC grown ingredients. We come by our passion for beer honestly.


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